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Bankruptcy Initial Consultation



Your Initial Consultation is Always Free



Your first meeting with us, as your prospective bankruptcy lawyer, is always free.  The meeting will generally last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  If a longer time is required to fully understand your case or make you feel comfortable, we will spend extra time with you at no charge.  You will be asked questions about your income, your debt, and your assets.  We will talk to you about financial goals.  Different types of bankruptcy cases as well as non-bankruptcy options, if appropriate, will be discussed with you.  As your bankruptcy lawyer, we will explain the risks and benefits of each possible course of action.



Documents Needed by Our Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers need certain documents to review your case.  If possible, bring the following documents with you to your first appointment (if a husband and wife will be filing together, please bring the following for both of you):



  • Driver’s license and your social security card;

  • Copies of the past 7 months of paystubs or proof of income (or a printout from your employer showing the details of each check);

  • Copies of any lawsuits and/or garnishments to which you have been a party in the last year;

  • Any bills that you owe (you do not need to bring your regular monthly bills like phone or utility bills);

  • A completed Bankruptcy Intake form (see Clients Forms on the Menu to the left);

  • A copy of your last two filed federal tax returns;

  • A copy of the Tax Assessor’s Statement on any real property that you own.


While it is helpful to have all of your documents for the first meeting, we can tell you about your debt relief options even if you cannot bring all of the documents to your first meeting. All of the documents listed above must be provided prior to the actual filing of your case.


No Pressure and You Are Under No Obligation to Hire Our Firm


We will discuss all of your options with you, but you are under no obligation to hire Hobbs & Hain, P.C. as your bankruptcy lawyer.  You will not be pressured to file a bankruptcy case or hire our firm. You do not need to bring any money with you.


What to Bring if You Already Know You Are Going to File

If you already know you are going to file a bankruptcy case, we can immediately run your credit report and help you complete your credit counseling if you bring at least $250.00 with you to cover expenses. You will receive a credit of $250 against any fees/expenses to be paid in your case.


As a bankruptcy lawyer, we can explain all of your options to you. You will not be pressured to hire me, or file a bankruptcy case. We will explain your options to you for free.

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