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Criminal Law

We provide experienced and knowledgeable criminal law defense in many areas. We also defend clients in juvenile court.  We defend clients accused of all types of crimes, from drunk driving violations and misdemeanors to very serious crimes.


One of our attorneys is a former District Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit. We are fully equipped to try cases in all Alabama state courts. 


Our representation begins in the pre-trial period. In cases, for instance, of non-violent drug crimes, we may be able to arrange for pre-trial diversion into Drug Court or rehabilitation programs. 


During trial, we present a compelling case on behalf of our client. Our criminal defense attorney is experienced in criminal trials as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. 


We work with the court to get our clients help and rehabilitation, not just punishment. In some cases, we have been able to arrange for suspended sentences, or the most favorable sentencing possible.



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