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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 offers debtors many advantages including:

  • In a Chapter 13 case you do not have to prepay your entire attorney fee prior to the filing of your case. You do have to pay a minimum of $250 which covers certain costs and expenses.

  • In Chapter 13 you do not have to be concerned about losing any of your property. You keep all of your property. If you have excess equity in your property, you will pay that value, over time, as part of your payment to the trustee.

  • Chapter 13 allows you to cure arrearages owed on your home or cars. You must still make your regular payment each month but Chapter 13 gives you a way to pay the amount you are behind over a period of time.

  • No interest is paid to unsecured creditors in a Chapter 13 case. This feature means that the amount you owe to unsecured creditors is fixed on the day of the filing of the case. You will not incur any further late fees, interest charges, over limit fees, or other charges.

  • As with Chapter 7, the filing of a Chapter 13 case will stop your creditors from harassing you. You will finally be able to stop worrying about the phone ringing. It will also immediately stop all lawsuits and garnishments.

  • You can protect someone who co-signed on a consumer loan with you. As long as you propose to pay the debt in full, the creditor cannot sue the co-debtor while you are in Chapter 13.

  • In some circumstances you can lower your interest rate and/or your payment on your car loans. The bankruptcy code does not allow for the modification of your mortgage on your principal residence


Our bankruptcy lawyers can explain all of your options to you. You will not be pressured to hire our attorneys, or file a bankruptcy case. Our bankruptcy lawyers will explain your options to you for free.



How to Get Help and Get Out of Debt


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