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Our Firm

Samuel F. Hobbs, a member of Congress from 1934 to 1950 formed the law firm of Hobbs, Hobbs & Hobbs in Selma, Alabama with his two sons Samuel Earle Hobbs and Truman M. Hobbs in 1951. 


In 1958, William B. Craig, Samuel Earle Hobbs and Bruce Valentine Hain established the firm of Craig, Hobbs & Hain in Selma, Alabama. Following Mr. Craig’s retirement, the style of the firm was changed to Hobbs & Hain, P.C. and this name has identified the firm for over thirty years. 


As of October, 2000, there are two active partners in the general practice of law, Ralph N. Hobbs (son of Samuel Earle Hobbs) and James B. McNeill, Jr. Former Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney, Edgar W. Greene, Jr. is an associate with the firm.

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